Effective Change Management

JumpSeat streamlines the software migration process by delivering effective communication and hands-on learning which boosts employee performance.

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Change Processes

JumpSeat helps you effectively communicate new releases and change processes. By using site announcements and learning courses, JumpSeat equips users with the information required to get setup and up to speed on their own.

Cut the learning curve by allowing users to be proactive while delivering step-by-step instructions created and vetted by your experts.

  • Augment software migration & communications
  • Increase product/process awareness
  • Deliver company wide messages
  • Develop targeted learning courses
  • Highlight new application features
  • Restrict usage to trained users
  • Recommend self-setup walkthroughs


Knowledgable users

At the end of the day, any system is only as good as its users. Users are only as good as their training – great companies take training seriously. JumpSeat makes it easy for you to be that great company.

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