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What browsers do you support?


  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

*While IE9 does work, we recommend using a newer browser

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How does JumpSeat integrate without any code?

Answer: JumpSeat uses a browser plugin that installs with a single click.

As mentioned in the column to your right, there are other options available.

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Do my users have to use a browser plugin?

Answer: No. The browser plugin is one of three options. You can include a simple JavaScript snippet to the footer of your applications (like Google Analytics), or if you're super Geeky, you can use a reverse proxy at your infrastructure level.

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Will JumpSeat impact performance on my applications?

Answer: Negligible. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Our entire code is 51 KB
  • 50 guides = 200KB (approx)
  • We use browser storage to cache guides
  • JumpSeat was designed to be lightweight
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What happens to my apps if JumpSeat is down?

Answer: Nothing.

If the JumpSeat server was down, you simply wouldn't have JumpSeat available. JumpSeat was designed to plug and play gracefully.

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What information does JumpSeat track?

Answer: Username and it's optional.

Our analytics tool can be configured to look for usernames for it's audit. However, it works just as well anonymously.

We do not track anything else!

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Is JumpSeat secure?

Answer: Absolutely.

We perform penetration tests regularly, our network is a tight ship, and all traffic goes over HTTPS. If you think your setup is better than ours, you have the option to host JumpSeat on premise too!

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How long does it take to get setup?

Answer: Shorter than you reading this FAQ page.

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Why are we different?

Answer: The short answer...

JumpSeat is focused on more than just training and support. Sure, we could go on about features to that taste, but we are the only provider merging learning management (courses and certifications) with contextual training & support.

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