Accelerate Employee Onboarding

JumpSeat reduces the time to competency by half. Digestible hands-on learning keeps users on task without wasting time.

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Accelerated Onboarding

JumpSeat reduces the time to proficiency by eliminating waste and rework. Users can focus on the tasks they need to know now and leave the other content until the time that they need it:

  • Self-serve onboarding
  • Role-based content
  • Onboarding checklists
  • Cross application walkthroughs
  • Need to know delivery

Scalable Onboarding

When your organization grows, both the number of employees and the number of applications you use grow with it. JumpSeat scales with your business and a single license includes unlimited applications.

  • Centralized learning content
  • Multiple application onboarding
  • Monitor user performance
  • Multilingual content delivery
  • Import/export learning content


Knowledgable users

At the end of the day, any system is only as good as its users. Users are only as good as their training – great companies take training seriously. JumpSeat makes it easy for you to be that great company.

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