If you use Workfront, I urge you to take a serious look at JumpSeat: it is AMAZING technology!

Doug Den Hoed, 
CEO, ESP Suite

JumpSeat plus Workfront equals awesome


Knowledgable users

At the end of the day, any system is only as good as its users. Users are only as good as their training – great companies take training seriously. JumpSeat for Workfront makes it easy for you to be that great company.


JumpSeat provides more than just a handful of interactive learning guides. Take a look at the features below and see how JumpSeat can help you and your end-users:


JumpSeat lets you add training and support where it counts the most – in context and on time. This video shows how our step-by-step task guidance enables users to help themselves.

Easy guide creation

Empower your subject matter experts (SMEs) with the ability to create custom guides. This video shows how to create your own guides, so that you may include any customizations you may have in Workfront.

Track Compliance

JumpSeat tracks what your users are learning about - from this we can use technology to track who is compliant, and even stop them from using features of your application until they have completed their training.


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Reduce training costs

Off-site classroom training and producing video tutorials comes at a high cost.

JumpSeat provides in-context, on-site training, for as low as $0.10 user/mo.

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Reduce support costs

Nowadays a typical support call costs $31.25 user/mo.

With JumpSeat, you can pay as low as $0.10 user/mo which covers training, support, and hosting!

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Increase User Adoption

JumpSeat improves the user experience by providing support right in the application they are using.

Whether you are new to Workfront, or have just forgotten how to do something, JumpSeat is available to help.

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Shorten on-boarding times

Traditional training forces you to learn everything at once - in a one-size fits all environment.

With JumpSeat, you learn what you need to know, at the time you need to know it.

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Satisfy individual learning needs

People disengage when learning is not relevant and when content is too overwhelming.

JumpSeat provides step-by-step learning in a role-based environment. Furthermore, our learning pathways keeps content categorized and digestible.

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Scale Across Your Organization

Scaling training and support couldn't have been easier.

A single platform, with centralized content editing, on a single JumpSeat server, on as many installations as you need.

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Boost user productivity

Traditional learning is passive. You stop what you are doing to learn in a different environment.

JumpSeat enables users to learn in real-time, right in your application. Once you have completed a guide, you have completed the task!

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Create your own learning guides

Every Workfront implementation is different, so we have made it easy for you to create your own guides.

Our simple point-and-click interface empowers your SMEs with the ability to include your own Workfront customizations.

JumpSeat plus Workfront equals awesome

It could not have been easier to get the best out of Workfront.

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Jumpseat for Workfront: 38 interactive guides designed specifically for organizations that use Workfront

All guides are designed to be flexible, allowing clients to walk-through while using their own projects, tasks, and documents. These Workfront guides are not only great for onboarding, but will allow your organization to support users with on-demand help for the most common processes in your Workfront implementation.

* Pricing in USD. JumpSeat support and hosting not included. Please check our pricing page for JumpSeat support View all 40 guides
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Interactive Workfront Guides

  • Ad-hoc Approvals
  • Adding Users
  • Adding a Document
  • Advanced View Settings
  • Agile Storyboard
  • Approvals
  • Approvals via MyWork
  • Convert an Issue to a Project
  • Convert an Issue to a Task
  • Creating Ad-hoc Work
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Creating Portfolios
  • Creating Programs
  • Creating Queue Topics
  • Creating Tasks
  • Creating a Matrix Report
  • Creating a New Project
  • Creating a New Project Template
  • Creating a New Project from a Template
  • Creating a Request Queue
  • Creating an Issue Report
  • Document Folders
  • Document Management on a Project
  • Documents in Workfront
  • Global Navigation Bar
  • How to approve recorded hours
  • Issue creation on a project
  • Making Updates to Work
  • Making project updates
  • My Favorites
  • My Settings
  • MyWork for Team Members
  • Project components
  • Quick on page search
  • Search Project
  • Submitting a Request
  • Updating Tasks
  • Workfront Teams
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Pricing in USD. Support and hosting of JumpSeat is sold separately. Please refer to the JumpSeat website for pricing.