Reduce Helpdesk Calls and User Frustration

JumpSeat is a just-in-time support platform. This means, users stay in the browser away from your support desk.

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Helpdesk Assistance

JumpSeat reduces the amount of helpdesk calls coming in and assists in delivering shorter call times. Interactive guides can be started by clicking a URL, so support teams can react quicker through chat or email support.

  • Lower IT support requests
  • Increase quality of support
  • Increase helpdesk efficiency
  • Scale support instantly
  • Free up resources

On-demand Support

Our on-screen step-by-step support reduces user frustration by tacking the problem head on. No tutorial videos, no classrooms, no simulations - JumpSeat holds your hand through the actual processes you need help with:

  • Self-help walkthroughs
  • Step-by-step assistance
  • On-demand access
  • Reduce errors and work interruption
  • On-page Issue handling


Knowledgable users

At the end of the day, any system is only as good as its users. Users are only as good as their training – great companies take training seriously. JumpSeat makes it easy for you to be that great company.

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